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That’s IRELAND’S Katie Taylor, got it?!

Nothing gets the goat of the Irish like a sports-related injustice. In 2009 a Thierry Henry handball mobilised the nation into a marching, protesting, boycotting behemoth. The display of outraged solidarity truly was something to behold, the type of display sadly lacking when it came to the clearly more trivial matter of the Government of the day selling the country down the river in the 2008 bailout and thus condemning the country to decades of hardship. Fast forward to 2012 and it is clear that Ireland’s sporting skin is as thin as ever.

There is no doubt that what Henry did in the 2009 World Cup play-off game was wrong, but the hysterically over the top reaction to the incident – by fans, the Irish Government (!) and the Football Association of Ireland – quickly stripped Ireland of the moral high ground. Similarly it was wrong for the Daily Telegraph to refer to boxer Katie Taylor’s nationality as ‘British’, although one suspects this latest ‘injustice’ was borne more from lazy journalism and contained considerably less malice than the actions of a certain French footballer. But never mind, the Irish had identified their quarry and so thousands upon thousands of emails and tweets, each drenched in various amounts of bile, made their way to the Telegraph offices. (more…)