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On this week’s episode…..

Rio falls foul of Fergie after he shows his support for his brother Anton who was abused by JT, who has apologised, only not to Anton himself, and is still friends with Ashley who Rio dislikes for taking JT’s side over Antons, who’s friend Park refuses to shake hands with JT in support of Anton and his mate Rio with whom he used to play with in Manchester for Fergie, who has fallen out with Kenny, who took Luis’ side in his row with Patrice, who’s side Fergie took, as did Rio who refused to shake Luis’ hand who was then banned, like JT, who’s hand Wayne refused to shake cos JT did the dirt with Wayne’s wife so now Wayne wont play with JT for England but now JT has decided he doesn’t want to play for them anyway so now Wayne can play for England again, only he cant and neither can Rio cos Roy wont pick them, unlike Ashley who he still picks even though he called Roy’s mates a bunch of twats cos they accused him of lying when he supported JT.

Also Titus Bramble roasts a schoolgirl.