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A Toffee Once Again....?

A Toffee Once Again….?

So, the enigmatic, talismanic figurehead is no more. The faithful have lost their guiding light, their man of the people. What will the future hold now? If, indeed, there is a future…..

So voluminous and earnest have been this week’s obituaries for Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United career, one could be forgiven for drawing parallels with a South American country that’s lost the most charismatic and beloved President in their history. But unlike former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’ heartbeat, the Rooney Saga goes on and on….

When tasked with producing Rooney-related tattle, the media rarely feel overly taxed, such is the bounty of scurrilous rumours and hearsay upon which they can draw to post copy every week. Whether the gossip is football themed or of the more personal nature, (Rooney and his fashion designer wife Coleen seem to enjoy permanent residence inside the pages of the glossy mags), Brand Rooney never appear far from the public’s minds eye. (more…)