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Sat Night Show

Just when you thought the property tax was as bad as it could get along comes The Saturday Night Show to remind you that the TV Licence fee is still by far and away the most unjust tax in Ireland. That this lamentable attempt at entertainment can be commissioned by any channel is baffling, that it’s commissioned by the state broadcaster at our expense is an injustice worthy of a tribunal. (more…)


Is This Really the Best We Can Do?!

Obese Health Ministers, a Taoiseach who explains his wealth on ‘a good day at the gg’s’, a Government who impoverishes it’s own citizens in order to repay foreign bond holders – there can be few countries in the world who’s perpetual dysfunction provides as many glorious opportunities for even the most moderately talented satirist to sink his teeth into as Ireland. Yet watching the last episode of Rte’s dire comedy, The Savage Eye, is to be reminded that we Irish just don’t do satire.

Whilst honourable mentions should go to Scratch Saturday and Fr Ted, the history of top quality satire in this country could be written on the back of a box of matches, the relatively harmless contents of which would still be more explosive than anything contained in Rte’s latest lamentable attempt at lampoonery. (more…)