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The Muzzle Comes Free....

The Muzzle Comes Free….

Perhaps had Luis Suarez slept with his sister-in-law, urinated on a homeless man, cheated on his pregnant wife with a prostitute or intentionally set out to end a fellow players career, the incessant din of the moralising media blowhards would have been less migraine-inducing. But then again maybe it wouldn’t because as the Uruguayan himself recently observed, the name Suarez sells.

Whilst undoubtedly an insanely stupid act, Suarez’ bite on Branislav Ivanovic doesn’t begin to compare with the aforementioned misdemeanours of certain figures in the English game and, if anything, merely hovers somewhere between certifiable and hilarious. Among the more hysterical over-reactions have been calls for Liverpool to tear up Suarez’ contract and thereby relieve the club of its one remaining asset of significant value. It’s an idiotic suggestion if for no other reason than the precedent of sacking misbehaving players would lead to most match day line-ups consisting of an assortment of physios and tea ladies. (more…)