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Pheonix From the Baize?

Pheonix From the Baize?

What a difference a year makes. Only twelve short months ago Irish snooker enthusiasts were bemoaning what seemed an incurable apathy towards their sport, as they struggled to convince the counties youth to swap their games consoles for a cue and the green baize.

Senior figures outlined the struggle to unearth the games next generation, with Jim Leacy, then Chairman of the Irish Snooker and Billiards Association observing, “these days we aren’t just competing with other sports, we’re competing with iPads, Box Sets and all the rest.” With less and less snooker halls nationwide to sate the tiny appetite of an indifferent public, many were questioning the long term viability of the game. (more…)


Great fanfare was made of the recent visit to these shores of Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping. China has undoubtedly been the economic star of the twenty first century thus far, and Mr Jinping’s visit was no doubt arranged in the hope that he would sprinkle some much needed economic fairy dust over little ol’ Ireland, and in doing so resuscitate a comatose economy. However, with Ireland is in the throes of economic conflagration, what the country needs is not so much a sprinkling of fairy dust as a fleet of fire engines.

Whilst any efforts to enhance ties with a world superpower should always be encouraged, surely the lines of communication with Beijing should have been opened much earlier – in November 2010 to be specific. That was the month Ireland effectively waved goodbye to its future by accepting the punitive and ruinous terms of the Troika bailout. (more…)