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Fabio Capello’s premature departure from his post has been met with the usual media hyperventilation that accompanies the exit of an England manager – an over-excited mix of conspiracy theories about the nature of the exit and the inevitable cranking up of the who’s-next-in-line-for-the-job speculation machine. It’s understandable that the position of national team manager in a football-mad country should be the subject of such hypnotic-like focus from the forth estate. But is this coverage truly deserved? Is this obsession with the national team’s managerial position really warranted? Is the barrier to international success really down to the identity of the man in the hot seat?

It seems to me the position as head England coach is nothing more than conductor for the public bile that comes after the next inevitable failure. And when it comes to the England football team, failure is inevitable – and there isn’t a manager in the world who can change that. (more…)