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Anyone tuning in late to Kenny Dalglish’s post-match interview at Blackburn last week could be forgiven for assuming the Liverpool manager had just been on the receiving end of a grievous personal insult, such was his terse, curt and downright rude behaviour towards Sky’s Andy Burton. For those of us who have been observing the Liverpool manager’s media dealings over the past quarter of a century, however, Dalglish’s behaviour was nothing if unsurprising.

Burton’s questions were entirely reasonable, both in the context of the extraordinary game that had just played out, as well as in his non-confrontational delivery. That Dalglish declined to give his opinion on a sending off that he would subsequently appeal is entirely understandable. What was less understandable was that he should feel the need to walk out on the interviewer for daring to ask his opinion in the first place. (more…)