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Child welfare agencies have slammed a leaked government proposal to provide cosmetic implants for new born babies, describing it as a ‘disgrace’ and a ‘violation of human rights’. Under the proposal parents will be able to have any newborn babies fitted with lifelong-lasting tinted contact lenses. The Government plan to introduce the initiative from next January in a bid to counter the growing concerns over so-called ‘fake tan’ products – the idea being that the tinted lenses will eradicate the desire among young people to use harmful tanning products as the lenses would make everyone appear to have a ‘tanned’ complexion.

Dr Jurgen Schwanzlieber, who came up with the initiative says the procedure would ‘significantly reduce’ the number of cases of teenage girls and rugby players being treated for dermatological illnesses, caused by the toxins of ‘fake tan’ coming into contact with the skin. In some cases, these toxins have been found to have contained cancerous properties. “We realise the idea of performing cosmetic surgery on a newborn child will be seen as controversial at first, but, communicated properly, we believe the proposal will be welcomed by parents as they realise that the long-term benefits to their child’s health will be worth it”, Dr Schwanzlieber said. (more…)